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Pioneer in façade-, wall- and ceiling finishes

As a manufacturer and supplier, Strikolith is a pioneer in decorative, as well as durable façade-, wall- and ceiling finishes. As a result of our own production facilities, we are able to deliver quickly and flexibly and guarantee products of a constant and high quality. In addition, we have our own sample production for tailor-made solutions. We are your sparring partner and consultant in a wide variety of new development and renovation projects and can help you implement these ideas - from the first concept until the actual realisation. Our goal? To make new and existing buildings more beautiful and more sustainable, together. Together we can create a new world.

Together you can achieve more

Because two is always better than one, we share our knowledge asset. We do online and offline, on location and in our Strikolith Training. As partners to benefit from each other's knowledge and experience we increase the outcome and efficiency of projects. Moreover, it helps us in identifying opportunities, needs and new opportunities in the field.

Because two people always know more than one, we actively share our knowledge. We do so online and offline, on location and in our Strikolith Training centre. By capitalizing on each other’s knowledge and experience, we can achieve a better overall result and higher efficiency of projects. Additionally, it helps us signal chances, needs and new opportunities within our area of expertise.

With tailor-made products and services, Strikolith meets the wishes and demands of the world of tomorrow.


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