Strikolith Decorative Plaster PREMIUM

Strikolith Decorative Plaster PREMIUM

Strikolith Decorative Plaster PREMIUM

  • For indoor use
  • Available in 0,5/1,0/1,5 and 2,0 mm
  • Scratch and impact resistant
  • Creates a calm and regular grain surface
Strikolith Decorative Plaster PREMIUM

Available in:

  • Strikolith Spachtelpleister PREMIUM 200/0,5 mm binnen 17 kg ( EAN: 8714738185053 )
  • Strikolith Spachtelpleister PREMIUM 350/1,0 mm binnen 17 kg ( EAN: 8714738185060 )
  • Strikolith Spachtelpleister PREMIUM 400/1,5 mm binnen 17 kg ( EAN: 8714738185169 )
  • Strikolith Spachtelpleister PREMIUM 450/2,0 mm binnen 17 kg ( EAN: 8714738185268 )


The Strikolith Decorative Plaster Premium for indoors is for interior application as a high quality decorative plaster with an even and closed structure. The end result produces a peaceful and regularly grained surface.


Mix Strikolith Decorative Plaster Premium intensively (without adding water). Apply with a uniform grain thickness using a stainless steel trowel. Then distribute the grains evenly using a plastic decorative trowel. Just touch up the Strikolith Decorative Plaster Premium after it has dried a little. Immediately clean tools with water after use.



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