Light years ahead. Strikolith launches the lightweight revolution. Tough, air-based granules, applied in decorative- and spray plasters. Oxygen is the main substance within this new technology. It works amazingly, because more air means less weight. And that results in less required time ànd a less damaging working process. This way you can create a smooth and matte result quickly.


New: Strikolith O2
New: Strikolith O2 Professionals want to be on top, performing on the highest level. That is why Strikolith launched the O2 product line. A carefully considered series of decorative- and spray plasters for in- and outdoor use. A unique concept, providing a new work boost for plasterers.

Extremely lightweight
The most important ingredient of Strikolith O2 is air. Air, in the shape of microscopic granules, creating an extremely lightweight product. It is the first time that this technique has been applied in plaster products. A break-through. Because choosing Strikolith O2 means suffering less physical strain during plaster works.

Better, faster ànd easier
As an introduction to the new O2 range, Strikolith launched three high-quality finishes: one spray plaster and two decorative plasters. One for inside and one for outside use.

Pioneer in professional finishes
As a producer and supplier, Strikolith leads the way in decorative and sustainable façade-, wall- and ceiling finishes. Our goal? Making new and existing buildings more beautiful and more sustainable together. We look ahead, answer questions and meet the demands of the world of tomorrow.

Together we create a new world.

Strikolith O2 launches three new products

Orion O2 Plaster

9kg packaging in oval plastic buckets. Usage: ca. 1 - 1,7 kg/m2.
Grain sizes: 1, 1,5 en 2 mm.

Strikolith Plaster O2 is applied outdoors as a high quality decorative plaster with an even grain structure.

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Extremely easy to apply
  • Low usage
  • Extremely open to moisture
  • Extremely high filling properties
  • Even grain structure
  • Extremely matt end result
  • Health & Safety and user-friendly

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LUNA O2 plaster

9kg packaging in plastic buckets. Usage: ca. 1 - 1,3 kg/m2.
Grain sizes: 0,8 en 1,2 mm. 

Strikolith Plaster Luna OO2 is applied indoors as a high quality plaster with a uniform, flat, matt and slightly open final structure.

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Extremely easy to apply
  • Low usage
  • Extremely high filling properties
  • Even grain structuur
  • Extremely matt end result
  • Health & Safety user-friendly

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Apollo O2 Spacks Spray Plaster Apollo

20 kg packaging in plastic valve bags. Usage: ca. 1,2 kg/m2

Strikolith Spray plaster Apollo O2 is applied indoors as a ready to spray quality plaster for the fast and durable finishing of ceilings and walls in the home and public utilities' buildings. Strikolith Spray plaster Apollo O2 can be applied on virtually all even and mineral surfaces.

  • Lightweight material
  • Lime-free, so no yellowing of the material
  • High filling properties
  • Workable at a residual moisture percentage of up to 6%
  • Greater efficiency
  • Base layer no longer needs to be cleaned off
  • Longer shelf life
  • Health & Safety and user-friendly
  • COT 83.00 approved

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Extremely lightweight
More work done in less minutes
Extremely easy to apply

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