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The biggest driving force of a restoration plasterer is the willpower to return every house and every office into a spectacular place to live or work in again, by conserving and restoring cultural heritage. Craftsmanship and material determine the success. We believe that historic buildings should be kept in the best possible state and we therefore re-introduced the use of century-old, mineral resources in the restoration industry.

Bofimex: natural, hydraulic lime mortar

The Bofimex Unilit The Unilit lime mortars of Bofimex can be applied directly onto the, restored (if needed) façade. This mortaring based on hydraulic lime guarantees an optimally breathing inside-climate. Bofimex Secil  Lime mortars are free from concrete and are based on natural hydraulic lime type NHL 3,5 and NHL 5. The Secil hydraulic lime mortars of Bofimex are the solution to many problems. Bofimex Secil lime mortar can be processed by hand or automatically. Bofimex Yosima design plaster Yosima design plaster is a sustainable construction material with an extraordinary vibrance and depth of colour, existing of loam and clay. There are no artificial substances or chemical pigments added to these products. We made a selection of seven main shades and developed 138 unique finish colours based on these. A unique effect can be created with the various supplemental materials, that determine the texture of the surface. Total range for restoration- and new build projects The specialist Bofimex range contains, besides the hydraulic lime mortars and loam and clay plasters, a number of products for new build- and restoration projects. Whether it involves salt or graffiti problems: it can be solved with Bofimex. With our restoration specialist products, you can create decorative cement frames for in- and outdoor purposes. Trass lime mortars These mortars are suitable for creating cement frames and pouring ornaments. They are characterized by a fast setting time and offer a high protection against harmful salts. Reconstruction systems Sometimes, standard lime mortars offer insufficient durability against moisture or harmful salts. In that case, reconstruction plasters can be used on the affected surface. With the help of in-depth research, we can show which system is most appropriate: a moisture-regulating one, a salt-transporting one or a salt-storing reconstruction plaster. Mineral paints and decorative finishes Chalk painting knows a lot of different application methods: from simply white-washing the walls and painting in- and outdoor walls, to decorative finishes, with painting fresco’s as the absolute highlight. Marble imitations probably captivate people’s imagination most and have an especially aesthetic look and feel, because of the use of special shaving techniques. This creates a shiny surface full of light and dark nuances.

Support in choice and processing

Expert research and thorough advice are imperative when restoring historic buildings. We provide tailor-made solutions and work closely together with restoration specialists. Bofimex can very well be integrated with products that were used in the past. Even if buildings were restored with wrong products before, our advice and wide range of products will help make a successful recovery. 

Restoration is about details. We are a specialist in details, yoúr details.