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Strikolith is a renowned producer and supplier in the finishes industry. Specifically designed for internal and external use, a wide range of plaster, mineral plaster, finishing paint and wall paint, plaster casts and filling primer, easily processable and available in many colours and structures. Plaster material for indoor and outdoor use

Strikolith produces several sorts of plaster of different granule structures and sizes. The colour palette has more than ten thousand different colours. We like to call ourselves trendsetters in the Dutch plaster industry. We strive to achieve this every day.

Strikolith Design

The Strikolith Design range is a collection of unique, decorative finishes that can be designed to your own personal taste. Ranging from very fine, coloured plaster (Design Micro) to plaster with a concrete look or with a warm and classic effect.

Strikolith Spacks

The smoothing Strikolith Spacks is Scandinavian inspired. With this universal finish you can create a smooth, fine or rough structure on an even surface or a minorly damaged foundation. Part of Spacks is also our range of spray plaster.

Strikolith Spacks Innovance

Spacks Innovance combines sustainability, economic value and aesthetics. It is very suitable for busy areas and creates a solid top coat which can be provided with a unique look, together with Innovance Top Effect. Spacks Innovance is available in all colours.


With the quickly destructible mineral matters and plaster systems of Strikocem you can carry out the finishing-off process even quicker. This complete, uninsulated façade plaster is divided into four solutions: Classic, Classic-it, Strong en Reno. Painting, plaster casting and applying filling primer Besides plaster materials for indoor and outdoor use, the wide range of Strikolith also contains a variety of finishing paints, filling primers, plaster casts and plaster profiles.

Finishing paints

Strikolith offers a total range of finishing- and wall paints, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, on walls, ceilings or façades. For example, paint for a problematic foundation, paint with extra coverage or easy-to-clean paint. Also available are paint with a water beading effect, where liquid easily runs off the surface, maintenance-free paint and paint with protective properties.

Dalapro filling primers

We offer a suitable product for every type of foundation, to use by hand, with a roller or a spray. Because of the composition of the Dalapro filling primers, they are easy to process, causing less physical strain on the user.


Reliable and natural resources from German plaster mines are the foundation for the constant quality of Strikolith’s plaster. International cooperation- and modern manufacturing methods lead to a calculated range of hand- and machine plaster, fully adjusted to the current market.

Renderpro plaster profiles

The range of synthetic materials and stainless steel plaster profiles is applicable for all possible systems and required layer thickness. A number of profiles is equipped with an open ‘nose’ or some tissue, which lets you easily achieve the desired or required layer thickness. Furthermore, by using Renderpro plaster profiles a more stable fastening is guaranteed.

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