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The power of innovation

The world is changing, we are evolving and where possible, we would like to contribute, in our own modest way, in helping the world develop further. We try to accomplish this goal by creating innovative products and systems and offering specialist guidance.

Making the world more beautiful and more sustainable

Rightly so, there is a lot of attention for sustainability and energy issues. We take our responsibility and distinguish ourselves by delivering sustainable finishes. In our laboratory, our main focus is on developing finishes, implementing new technologies into products, processability, sustainability and usage.

Detail specialist

Façade insulation and finishing takes precision. Time and time again, it is about practical solutions. Details. If the details are not correct, the investment has been in vain. Therefore, we aim for perfection. It is our ambition to deliver the best products and services. We will help you, from quotation to realisation and stay focused on every last detail.


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