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The www.strikolith.com website is a development by Strikolith Group B.V., The Netherlands.
No rights are granted over any information displayed on or downloadable from this site.

All information on this site, in whatever form (including text, images, sound and film clips and downloadable objects), shall remain the property of the credited authors unless otherwise expressly stated. The information may only be stored for the user’s own use. Otherwise, none of the information displayed on or downloadable from this site may be duplicated, stored in an automated retrieval system in any form or in any manner whether electronically, mechanically by photocopying, recording or by any other means without the prior written consent of the developers (info@strikolith.com). The information may be used as a source for free collection of news.

The editors of this website have used their best endeavours to trace the original owners of all secondary material, such as text and images, used in the website. We invite anyone who nevertheless considers himself to be the owner of such material on this site without such an arrangement having been concluded with him to contact Strikolith Holding B.V. so that the material may immediately be removed or an appropriate settlement made.
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In no event whatsoever can Strikolith Group B.V. accept liability for information placed on this site by third parties as aforementioned.

Anyone who uses information displayed on or downloadable from this site or places information on the site will be deemed to have agreed to the aforementioned provisions. Abuses will be brought before the appropriate court.

All the data on this technical information is based on our present knowledge and experience. It is non-committal and allows the buyer tot test the suitability for the intended application. A guarantee for the general validity of the information is excluded in terms of different processing and site conditions. The general conditions for the construction, as well as the current standards and guidelines must be observed. Previous editions will be replaced by the publication of this technical information. Changes in product and application technical developments are reserved. Please refer to our website for the latest information. The current terms and conditions as well as the terms of the determination and the use of our containers and mixing equipment are applicable on all business transactions.

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