Strikotherm GW-FLEX Basecoat

Strikotherm GW-FLEX Basecoat

Strikotherm GW-FLEX Basecoat

  • Suitable for Strikotherm COMFORT, PREMIUM and GREEN
  • Levels mineral surfaces
  • Cement-free
  • Excellent hydraulic properties
  • For manual or mechanical processing
Strikotherm GW-FLEX Basecoat

Available in:

  • Strikotherm GW-FLEX Grondmortel Cementvrij 25 kg ( EAN: 8714738628079 )


As a cementless base mortar paste for the COMFORT, PREMIUM and GREEN Strikotherm wall insulation systems. Can also be used as levelling mortar (2-4 mm) for irregular, solid, mineral surfaces (existing exterior wall insulation systems).


Mix to a homogeneous paste with a maximum of 2% tap water per 25 kg bucket and apply either manually or by machine.

Applying the mortar/fabric layer:

Apply the mortar evenly with a stainless steel trowel, then comb using a comb trowel (10 x 10 mm teeth). Finally, embed the ‘Fijn’ Strikolith glass fibre in the mortar with an overlap of at least 10 cm and smooth down with a stainless steel trowel to a layer of about 4 mm (± 1 mm), ensuring that the glass fibre is continuous throughout the layer (take extra care at the upper corners of selvedges) and is well embedded.

m.b.v.  Drying time is at least 48 hours.

Do not mix with other substances. Clean tools with water immediately after use. Protect Strikotherm Ground mortar Flex against the weather both during and after processing.



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