Facadeprotector Universal

Facadeprotector Universal Facadeprotector Universal

Facadeprotector Universal

  • Transparent impregnating agent
  • Water, oil and grease repellent
  • Lasting protection
  • Transparent (no discolouration)
  • Air and vapour permeable
Facadeprotector Universal Facadeprotector Universal

Available in:

  • Strikolith Gevelbeschermer Universeel (Liquid) 5 ltr ( EAN: 8714738123055 )
  • Strikolith Gevelbeschermer Universeel (Liquid) 10 ltr ( EAN: 8714738123109 )
  • Strikolith Gevelbeschermer Universeel (Liquid) 1 ltr ( EAN: 8714738123017 )


Strikolith Facadeprotector Universal is specially designed to protect all vertical mineral-based building materials (including tiled roofs), even under the toughest conditions. It can also be applied to (painted) decorative plasters, whether silicate, acrylic or silicone-based. The fact that it is water-based, combined with its impregnating ability (it does not form a coating), also makes it idea for protecting historic buildings. If applied at an early stage on new (grouted) masonry (after 24 hours), Facadeprotector Universal can largely prevent hazing of free lime onto the surface as it resists the infiltration of moisture. Its breathability allows the masonry to harden normally. Permanent Anti-Graffiti System Can also be used on brick and concrete substrates as a permanent anti-graffiti resistant system. Depending on the absorbency of the substrate, more than 2 layers may be required to fully saturate the pores. This does not affect the breathability. Always use a test area to see how many layers are needed to achieve complete saturation. After Facadeprotector Universal has completely dried (at least 7 days), any subsequent graffiti can be easily removed with a suitable graffiti remover in combination with hot water (about 80 degrees) high pressure systems (always experimentally determine pressure). It is very important that the substrate is fully saturated with Facadeprotector Universal, applied wet-in-wet in several layers. The Facadeprotector Universal system will not be harmed by the use of a graffiti remover, if needed, and will continue to function for a long time.


Only apply in dry weather (+5°C> + 30°C). Do not dilute or mix with other products. Can be applied with brush, roller or spray (low pressure). Only for use on vertical surfaces and/or sloping roofs. Work upwards from below. One fully saturated and opaque application layer is sufficient. On highly absorbent substrates apply wet-in-wet in at least two layers. After applying Strikolith Facadeprotector Universal, protect the treated surface for at least 24 hours against frost and rain.




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