Strikocem MK lime-cement plaster

Strikocem MK lime-cement plaster

Strikocem MK lime-cement plaster

  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Excellent basis for Strikocem finishing coats CS-I (PI) and CS-II (P-II)
  • Smooth and water repellent
  • Vapour permeable and water repellent
  • For manual or mechanical processing
Strikocem MK lime-cement plaster

Available in:

  • Strikocem MK Kalk-cementpleister 25 kg ( EAN: 8714738502058 )


MK is a universal lime-cement plaster that can be used on many mineral surfaces, both indoors and out. We recommend a Strikocem lightweight lime-cement plaster for (highly) insulating substrates. It forms an excellent base layer for Strikocem finishing layers of the mortar groups CS-I (P-I) and CS-II (P-II), Strikolith decorative plasters and tiling (up to 15 kg/m2). The minimum thickness for indoor applications is 10 mm. The minimum thickness for exterior applications is 15 mm. Maximum layer thickness per application step is 20 mm. Apply Strikocem SLP- it or Strikocem MC at plinth level. For the specifics of ground level work, please see our Publication 14.2.


Apply Strikocem MK manually or by machine to the desired layer thickness (indoors at least 10, outdoors at least 15). On unevenly absorbent surfaces apply the Strikocem MK wet-on-wet in 2 layers. For a further finishing layer, remove the sinter skin with a sanding frame.

The MK can also be delivered as sanding work. The total layer thickness outside should be 15 mm. Maximum layer thickness per application step is 20 mm. For multiple layers, the base layer should be roughened horizontally and allowed to harden (1 day per mm thickness). Where multiple layers are to be applied, always ensure that the next layer is no thicker than the previous base/parging layer. Drying time: at least 1 day per mm thickness.
Protect the plaster against the weather during application and drying. When the weather is dry and/or there is the risk of rapid drying, the plaster should be misted with tap water for a few days. 



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