Strikocem VSP4 Preparatory adhesive mortar

Strikocem VSP4 Preparatory adhesive mortar

Strikocem VSP4 Preparatory adhesive mortar

  • Levels-out weak or unevenly porous mineral surfaces
  • Forms a base for lime, lime-cement and cement mortars
  • Gives a solid, durable bond between substrate and the plaster
  • For manual or mechanical processing
Strikocem VSP4 Preparatory adhesive mortar

Available in:

  • Strikocem VSP4 Voorsprits-aanbrandmortel 25 kg ( EAN: 8714738504014 )


VSP4 is particularly suited for the burning of weak and irregular porous mineral surfaces, such as, for example, clinker brick quality. Always treat concrete with Strikocem UNI-H Hechtmortel. (For application conditions refer to the Technical Data Sheet). Strikocem VSP4 is a suitable substrate for lime, lime cement and mortar (CSI, CSII, CSIII and CSIV mortar group).


The VSP4 can be manually and mechanically processed.With manual processing, prepare the dry mortar VSP4, with only tap water and mix into a clog-free homogeneous mass. Due to the desired properties, it's recommended to process the VSP4 mechanically.

With absorbing surfaces, pre-light and uniformly pre-wet. The application of the VSP4 to the substrate should be wrath-shaped and the coverage on the substrate should be 50-60%. For mixed brickwork, apply the VSP4 fully. Drying time 48 hours. Protect fresh VSP4 against weather effects during and after work.


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