Strikolith Universal Primer

Strikolith Universal Primer

Strikolith Universal Primer

  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Provides excellent adhesion for various plasters
  • Stabilising
  • Weatherproof and resistant to driving rain
Strikolith Universal Primer

Available in:

  • Strikolith Voorstrijk Universeel 8 kg ( EAN: 8714738118204 )
  • Strikolith Voorstrijk Universeel 22 kg ( EAN: 8714738118174 )
  • Strikolith Voorstrijk Universeel ZR 8 kg ( EAN: 8714738118235 )
  • Strikolith Voorstrijk Universeel 15 kg ( EAN: 8714738112202 )
  • Strikolith Voorstrijk Universeel ZR 15 kg ( EAN: 8714738112219 )


Strikolith Universal Primer is for application on mineral surfaces, as a bonding bridge for Strikolith adhesive, hand and machine gypsum, and synthetic resin-bound Decorative and Spachtelpleister plasters. For a synthetic resin-bound finish, always apply Strikolith Universal Primer in the colour of the chosen finish.


Apply Strikolith Universal Primer thinned, with a block brush or roller. Thin the Primer with max. 5% tap water. When applying decorative plasters, always apply the Primer in the colour of the top coat. Drying time at least 24 hours. Immediately clean brushes and tools with water after use.


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