Spacks Airless spray plaster

Spacks Airless spray plaster

Spacks Airless spray plaster

  • For indoor use
  • Suitable for stony and mineral surfaces
  • For levelling sand-lime blocks and plasterboard
  • Makes an excellent surface for wallpaper or paint
Spacks Airless spray plaster

Available in:

  • Spacks Airless Wandfinish KV - verf- of behangklaar 25kg ( EAN: 8714738212018 )


Spacks Airless is for use indoors as a high quality spray-ready skim coat for preparing interior walls for papering, and is particularly suitable for levelling sand-lime blocks and plasterboard. Airless can be applied to virtually all stony, mineral surfaces, with the exception of interior walls in damp areas. Airless forms an excellent surface for further finishing with wallpaper or paint. Airless should not be used on walls subject to high mechanical loads or for finishes where high stresses from drying or shrinkage can be expected.


Airless can only be sprayed with the most common airless equipment. First remove all filters from the spray gun and machine. Use a spray gun nozzle of 0.031” to 0.041”, depending on the capacity of the machine.

All the seams and joints in walls made up of blocks or elements are first pre-sprayed and then smoothed and flattened off with a taping knife and allowed to dry completely. Repeat if necessary, depending on the substrate and final finishing. Despite the wide variation in drying time due to environmental conditions, this should be at least 12 hours. After drying, apply Airless to the entire surface and level it with a broad taping knife. After drying, and if necessary, sand away any plastering strokes with fine abrasive paper.


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